The target market of our brand has been continuously developed over the years.
Now, we want to expand the international market and confidently push our brand to the world.
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  • Q: You are manufacturer or trading company?

    A: We are manufacturer with more than 5000 square meters space located in No. A-8 in Wire Mesh Industry Zone, Anping 053600, Hengshui City, Hebei Province, China. Welcome you to vidit our factory any time. Online view also acceptable.

  • Q: If products have some quality problem, how would you deal with?

    A: We have 7 days *15 hours engineer online service, so once you show us the problem videos, most of the time we can give you solution right aways.
    Note: Here we give you solutions from engineer, not only feedback from the sales.

  • Q: What’s the delivery time?

    A: It depends on which kind of machines you choose. Here I list some machine delivery time here:
    Chain link fence machine needs around 12-15 days;
    Welded mesh machine needs around 30 days,
    Barbed wire machine needs around 15 days,
    Concertina wire machine needs around 35 days,
    Grassland machine needs around 35 days,
    Fixed knot fence machine needs around 40 days,
    Hexagonal mesh machine needs around 30 days,
    Gabion mesh machine needs around 60 days.

  • Q. What is the standard of package?

    A. Usually by wrapping with plastic film and bundled in the container.

  • Q. Do you accept OEM or ODM?

    A.Yes, we can accept

  • Q. How can I become your agent?

    A.Firstly, you must know our company very well.
    Secondly, you need to have at least 2 years’ experience on this industy, because we need to make sure you are familiar or even professional with these machines
    Thirdly, you need to come to our manufacture to accept at least 10 days training.
    After the above steps, we can sign agent agreement.

  • Q. If the machine has problem, and if that time I am so urgent to solve this problem, so how should I do?

    A: As we promised, we provide 7 days*15 hours (China time: 8:00 AM-23:00 PM) engineer on line service, so during this time all your problems can be solved right away. Because it is engineer online to give you solution by describe or by photos or by videos.
    Except that time, if you really have so urgent thing must be solved right away, then you can call the sales and the sales will contact engineer to give you solution.

  • Q. If my machine PLC Brocken or some other components parts Brocken, but I need it to be changed soon. At this time, I must wait for your courtier?

    No need waiting. Most of our machines using International famous brand (Except customer special reequipment), like Mitsubishi PLC, like Schneider electric components, etc. So, these famous international brands you can easily to get in your country to save your time.

  • Q. How is your machine quality?

    A:We think we say one machine good quality, then this machine must have at least the 2 characters:
    1.This machine must be working stable. Sable means this machine keep on working and not easily have problem. For example, our chain link fence machine can keep on working for 3 days an3 night and never has one time problem, this can be called stable.
    2.The machine must be higher production capacity compared with the market already exist machine.
    All of our machines meet the first requirement-Machine working stable.
    For some of our machines meet the second requirement. For example, our double molds chain link fence machine speed more than 200 square meters per hour, this is much higher compared with the market already exit speed 70-80 square meter per hour; Our concertina razor machine speed is 303 times per minute, but market already exit machine speed is around 60 times/minute.

  • Q . Can you accept L/C payment?

    Yes, we can accept.

  • FAQ


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